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Whether expected or unexpected, the death of a loved one means you must make urgent decisions while trying to adjust to your grief. The Amherst Chapel at Amigone Funeral Home and Cremation Services is a funeral home in Williamsville, NY, with an experienced, caring team that will take care of every step of the process with the most care and comfort possible. Some families choose to hold a full funeral service, while others opt for a memorial service or cremation. No matter which option you choose, you can feel confident that your vision to celebrate your loved one’s life will be followed.

Our Services 

Since life events are often unexpected, not everyone has definite memorial service plans in place before death. If you have given some thought to the process and have an idea in mind for honoring your loved one, we can create a service that brings your vision to life. If you have no idea where to begin, we can guide you from start to finish to create a beautiful celebration of life that can help you find comfort and closure.


During a funeral service with the body present, the event can take place on-site at the Amherst Chapel and incorporate traditions and customs to meet your family’s preferences. Funeral services usually take place relatively quickly, so options are available to streamline and simplify the process as desired.


A memorial service without the body present can be held quickly or later, at a more convenient time. A memorial service in Williamsville, NY, can be held at the Amherst Chapel or the location of your choice, such as a private home. This type of service can be tailored to meet the needs of your family’s traditions and customs.


Some families choose cremation over burial, which allows the family to gather for a celebration of life at a later date if they choose. The cremation urn can be present at the service, which can take place on-site or at another location. A ceremony involving the scattering of ashes is another option.


When thinking of final plans, some people prefer to make the decisions in advance, so they know all final wishes are covered. Pre-planning your services can help reduce the burden of planning on your loved ones by making all arrangements in advance.

Why Choose Amigone Funeral Home and Cremation Service?

Whether you have a solid plan for final wishes in mind or need help creating one, the caregivers and family members at Amigone are here to guide you every step of the way. A loved one’s death is a difficult time, but the planning of services does not need to be a complicated process. For more information about advanced planning, funeral, memorial, or cremation services in Williamsville, NY, contact Amigone today to get started.

History of Amherst Chapel

Mary, Anthony Jr. and Vincent Amigone attended Mill Middle School in the early 1970’s. While at a baseball game that Vincent was playing in, before the Burger King, Buffalo Savings Bank, McDonalds and many other buildings were built, the vacant corner of Sheridan Drive and Hopkins Road was visible from behind the school. That day it came to mind that we lived and belonged to a church where there was not a funeral home to serve the families in “that area.” The distance between 2600 Sheridan Drive and Harris Hill was more the 12 miles. Sheridan Drive and Hopkins Road were midway and a natural location for us.

The property at 5190 Sheridan Drive was soon purchased and the funeral home construction began in 1971. While building 5190 the Gasoline Energy Crisis occurred. Mobile Oil who controlled the corner lot at 5200 Sheridan decided to give up its effort to build a gas station on the corner. Anthony P. Amigone, Sr. who had always wanted to locate on the corner was successful in its bid against Buffalo Savings Bank and negotiated with the Banker’s Trust to lease the 5190 Sheridan Drive property freeing Amigone to build on the corner with access to Hopkins Road and Sheridan Drive and twice the available parking area for the families it would serve. The funeral home completed in August of 1974 and it continues to be largest and finest funeral home in the surrounding area.