Cheektowaga Funeral Home

There is no greater time for caring and compassion than helping someone who has lost a loved one. If you are seeking the services of a funeral home in Cheektowaga, NY, you can put your trust in Amigone Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Inc. Every step of the process is lovingly handled so that you can focus on your family and your healing. No two customers need the same assistance, so the experienced and professional team is ready to customize the services to suit your preferences.


Available Services

Although Amigone Funeral Home and Cremation Services is known for planning and implementing beautiful memorial services in Cheektowaga, NY, there are options available to accommodate any type of service to honor your loved one. A service is a wonderful way for friends and family of a loved one to say good-bye and gain closure. This ritual is an important rite of passage for many cultures. From celebrations of life to cremation services, an arrangement that fits your vision and helps you feel comforted is the goal.

  • Traditional funeral service. Traditional services include a viewing, a full service, and a burial. The service is typically held either in the funeral home. Customizations can be made to accommodate many preferences.
  • Graveside memorial. After a viewing, a service takes place graveside before the burial instead of in the funeral home.
  • Cremation service. A cremation service is similar to a traditional funeral service. Instead of a burial to complete the service, the next step is cremation. After cremation, you may decide what you would like to do with the ashes. Many families choose to store them in an urn, while others prefer to scatter them.
  • Pre-planning. If you are worried about leaving your arrangements to loved ones, the professionals at Amigone Funeral Home, Inc. are available to pre-plan your services for you. Using pre-planning services means you know that all of your wishes will be kept.
  • Grief resources. If you have experienced a loss and are not sure where to turn to handle your grief, a variety of grief resources are available to help you through the process.


Why Choose Amigone Funeral Home and Cremation Services?

Whether you are looking for full funeral services, graveside services, or cremation services in Cheektowaga, NY, Amigone Funeral Home and Cremation Services provides you with everything you need to honor your loved one properly. In addition to standard services, the funeral director can walk you through every step of the process and customize it to meet your cultural needs. Personalized services include securing permits, arranging music requests, arranging transportation, and other important functions. You will not have to worry about a thing except taking care of yourself. To learn more about available services or to schedule an appointment, contact Amigone Funeral and Cremation Services by email or phone.