Niagara Falls Funeral Home


Planning the final services for a loved one is not something that most people want to think about, but it’s necessary when the time comes. Choosing a funeral home in Niagara Falls, NY, to handle all of your planning needs doesn’t have to be difficult. The Niagara Falls Funeral Home location of Amigone Funeral Home and Cremation Services has a knowledgeable and compassionate staff, making it the ideal contact for service planning. The funeral home allows you to customize services to fit the final wishes of your loved one, giving your family comfort and peace of mind. 


When you choose to have a funeral at Amigone Funeral Home’s Niagara Falls Funeral Home, you will have the option to receive traditional services or only the services you wish. Many families choose a visitation and viewing the day before the funeral, a funeral service in the chapel, followed by a procession to the burial site. However, any of these items can be customized according to your family’s wishes or cultural preferences.


Families who prefer to hold a service at a later time or do not want a full funeral can choose a memorial service in Niagara Falls, NY, at Amigone Funeral Home’s area location. Memorials can be held on-site in the elegantly appointed chapel or at an off-site location, such as your home. If you have specific ideas to incorporate into the memorial, the staff can help you customize a unique and special event to honor your loved one.


Some families prefer cremation services in Niagara Falls, NY, over burial. Like a memorial service, a cremation service is a custom event held at a later date at any location or immediately after a viewing. Some also choose to have a service while spreading or burying ashes at an off-site location. 


Another popular option is a graveside-only service instead of a full service in the chapel or off-site. A graveside service takes place directly at the burial site, with friends and family gathering for a ceremony to honor your loved one immediately before burial. 


Planning a funeral is never an easy task, and some individuals are very specific about how the event should take place. Pre-planning services take the guesswork out of the planning process, allowing your family to focus on healthy grieving. The team at Amigone Funeral Home’s Niagara Falls Funeral Home location will make sure your exact final wishes are met.

Grief Services

If you have recently lost a loved one and are having difficulty processing the loss or just need someone to help you work through your grief, the team at Amigone Funeral Home’s Niagara Falls Funeral Home can connect you with a grief counselor to help you work through the process.

Why Choose Niagara Falls Funeral Home? 

The family at Amigone Funeral Home and Cremation Services has provided support for families experiencing a loss for over 90 years. The Niagara Falls Funeral Home offers a convenient location with unmatched professionalism. If you are in need of funeral or memorial services, contact Amigone Funeral Home and Cremation Services for more information.