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Orchard Park Funeral Home

Orchard Park Funeral, Cremation, & Memorial Services

Planning a funeral or memorial service for a recently departed loved one is never an easy process. The compassionate professionals at Amigone Funeral Home and Cremation Services (formerly known as the Joseph K Quinn funeral home) in Orchard Park, NY, strive to make the process as seamless and caring as possible by providing a variety of service options to meet your needs. When it comes to the final wishes of your loved one, putting your trust in an experienced team at a funeral home in Orchard Park, NY, can make all the difference. 

Available Services

Planning services for your beloved friend or family member look different for each person. Depending on your preferences and cultural inclusions, you may prefer a traditional funeral, memorial, cremation, or another type of service. When you reach out to a team member at the Orchard Park Funeral Home, he or she walks you through the process from start to finish to ensure you honor your loved one in just the way you are imagining. 

Full-Service Funeral

A full-service funeral typically takes place on-site at the Orchard Park funeral home and is usually held quickly. In addition to a beautiful chapel service, options include a viewing and a procession to the gravesite for burial. 

Memorial Service

A memorial service in Orchard Park, NY, can be held either on-site or at an off-site location of choice. Customs and specific requests can be incorporated into this service to meet the needs of the family and close friends. Alternatively, a memorial service can be held at a later date and can also function as a celebration of life. 

Graveside-Only Service

Some individuals prefer to skip the chapel or off-site memorial and focus on a service at the graveside. This outdoor service is perfect for a smaller group that does not want a traditional funeral or larger memorial service. 

Cremation Services

Many individuals prefer cremation, and a service can be held with or without an urn present. A viewing of the body can be held before cremation, and the cremation service can be held at a later date if desired. Other cremation service options include the burial or scattering of ashes at a specific location. 

Pre-Planned Funeral and Memorial Services

If you prefer to plan services for yourself or a loved one in advance, an experienced staff member can sit down with you to go through all of your options. This lessens the burden of your family later by allowing them the freedom from making decisions while grieving. 

Services at the Orchard Park Funeral Home

If you have lost a loved one, planning the funeral can be difficult. The team at the Orchard Park Funeral Home is available at all times to guide you along the way. If you are interested in learning more about funeral, memorial, or cremation services in Orchard Park, NY, contact Amigone Funeral Home and Cremation Services for additional information.

History of Orchard Park Funeral Home

The history of The Quinn Southtown Funeral Home of Amigone Funeral Home, Inc. 6170 W. Quaker Street began in 1813. Joshua Potter and his wife Judith (Palmer) settled on the W. Quaker land in 1806, purchasing the land in 1813. Joshua and his family were among the very first settlers in present Orchard Park. The original building found on this property is believed to have been built between 1813 and 1845 by Joshua. Over the years additions were made to the home; a west wing was added, bay windows to the east side and private stairway. The homestead stayed in the Potter family until 1930. Potter family descendents that are connected to this homestead were the Palmers, Sissons, Trevetts and Millitellos.

The area we now know as Orchard Park was originally part of the Township of Hamburg. The Four Corners of Orchard Park Village became known in the early days as Potter’s Corner due the homesteading of the prolific Quaker Potter family. The name Potter’s Corner was gradually changed into Orchard Park and was officially incorporated into a village in 1921. The entire township of E. Hamburg officially became known as the Orchard Park township in 1934.

Since 1947 the building has been operating as a funeral home. In 1947 as one of the first funeral home owners in the Orchard Park area Richard Harig bought the property on W. Quaker. He lived there with his family and operated the Harig Funeral Home. In 1983 Joseph Quinn acquired the building and operated his business Quinn Funeral Home until he merged with Amigone Funeral Home on January 18, 2006. The funeral home has been operating under the Amigone’s as Quinn-Amigone Funeral Home until present.

In 2009 the Amigone family decided that as a commitment to the families in Orchard Park and the Southtowns, the W. Quaker building needed a complete renovation. Mindful of preserving the architectural appeal and exterior character of the original homestead, the large addition expands behind the west side of the present home and funeral home. The new and handicap accessible addition and renovation offers comfortable and large visitation chapels, a beautiful décor and new large handicap restrooms. An expanded parking lot was added for convenience where the original Potter barn once stood. The wood from original Potter barn was donated to be used in rebuilding homes in the area.

With the large parking and the large facility the Amigone’s feel they can offer to the families in the Southtowns a facility that meets the standards of many of our other funeral homes. We are proud that we have maintained the integrity of the original Orchard Park classic look on the outside while incorporating a new modern very large funeral home on the inside.

This new Quinn Southtown Funeral Home fulfills our goal to be able to serve the Southtowns in the manner that fulfills our reputation.

Orchard Park Chapel Quaker Chapel Potter Chapel Free Consultation Fireplace Selection Room Conference Room Grand Hallway Front Hallway Main Entrance