A letter to our staff and families we serve regarding COVID-19:


As we navigate the health issue facing our community I remind everyone that our best source of information shall come from our health officials. National, state and county health officials are constantly updating notifications. Our funeral directors will be using the CDC website to stay informed. As far as helping families we need to be able to advise them regarding decisions they are facing.  

Most importantly we can take care of the deceased without interruption. Cemeteries are open and burial, entombment and cremation are available as needed. Cemeteries have informed us that they only allow immediate family to be part of committal services. This is subject to each cemetery and we will check with each cemetery prior to final arrangements.

With regard to public services. We will inform families that we will consult with them prior to any final decisions. We can meet in person or via telephone to make arrangements.

We are observing all health officials recommendations and urge that we all practice social distancing, hand washing and act responsibly with regard to all recommendations made by health officials.

Each family we serve will face a set of circumstances that may need considerable discussion and options.

If there are any questions that arise from the staff please know that Vincent and I are available to discuss. We value your professionalism, safety and health.

Please know that the public will continue to need our help in caring for their deceased and we will do everything possible to provide services without jeopardizing our employees and the public we serve. We are following recommendations and mandates as provided by our health officials and understand they may change frequently. Do your best and thanks for your attention.  



Vincent J. Amigone, Sr. and Anthony P. Amigone, Jr.